Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
Although it doesn’t require a lot of painstaking maintenance, leather furniture such as chairs, chaises, and sofas should be professionally serviced from time to time to avoid drying and cracking and to ensure lasting beauty. Let us help you restore and maintain the shine and suppleness of your leather.
Better Safe Than Sorry
Leather furniture can be damaged or stained with improper treatment. As professional leather cleaners, we have the knowledge, skills, equipment and cleaning products needed to safely and thoroughly clean your leather. After cleaning your leather, we can apply special leather conditioners to keep your furniture looking and feeling supple and slightly moist and protected against humidity and dust.
Leather Stain Removal
If your leather is stained, we can provide safe, and in most cases, highly effective stain removal treatment. Our technicians are trained in the best stain removal methods and have access to the best stain removal products on the market.