Pet odor treatments

Pet Odor Removal Treatments
As a professional cleaning company, we deal with a plethora of stain and odor issues. Our technicians are expertly trained to identify the sources of pet odors and to utilize the appropriate cleaning products and enzymes to resolve them. We take pride in leaving your home clean and fresh.
Identifying the Source
When most people think about pet odors, they assume the smell is coming from a pet accident on a rug or carpet that wasn’t completely cleaned. While this may be true in many cases, did you know that tile and grout floors and even furniture can hold pet odors? Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify the sources of pet odors, formulate the proper treatment plan for your surface, and resolve the problem efficiently and effectively.
Deep Cleaning
If you’ve ever cleaned up a pet accident, you probably realized it is not like cleaning up any other spill. The ammonia, the smell, the… messiness. EEEW! And did you notice you can clean it up nicely, but it keeps coming back? Or that your pet keeps “accidentally” messing up the same spot? Cleaning pet accidents so they don’t re-appear (or continue to smell like “the place to go” to your pet) takes knowledge and effort.
Professional deep cleaning can break down and flush out contaminants, sanitize floors and surfaces, and leave you with clean and fresh results impossible to achieve with DIY pet odor removal methods. In some cases, an enzyme treatment can be done, as well.
Special Considerations
Pet accidents can go deep – to the carpet backing, the pad, or even into the flooring under that. Understand that if your carpet pad or flooring is impacted, you’re looking at a greater magnitude of problem that probably can’t be solved by cleaning alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for details.
Once pet odors are removed, we can apply a protective treatment to make cleanup easier and more productive in the future.